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Day tours 2023


Day tours for local residents or individuals, couples and families on holiday.

If you wish to join in on a tour at any of the venues or dates or if you have any requests please contact us via the contact form on this website, we have a maximum of 8 people on all day trips.

Cost for day trips 30 euros/person, includes transport , guide for the day.​

Half day tours ( Guelhouit) 15 euros/person, includes guide for the afternoon.




Please contact me by email, phone or the contact form on this website if you would like to reserve a place or would like to request a tour on a specific date and look out for further dates and venues in the weeks to come.


Trip 1 : ​

St.Barbe and La maison de la Chauve Souris


The Chapelle st. Barbe is an amazing site and is surrounded by woodlands full of many species of birds including the elusive Black Woodpecker.The walk along side the river Elle is lovely with kingfishers many dragonflies and maybe even an otter, beautiful scenery with rapids and pools wonderful for trout and other coarse fish. The Maison de la Chauve Souris at Kernescleden is fascinating and was created because of the largest colony of Greater Horshoe bats in Brittany can be found in the church, the colony has been in the church for many years and generations of these rare bats have been born there. We will find out all about bats and their behaviour the myths and legends and hopefully gain an appreciation of an order of animal which does us all a great service and yet has been feared and persecuted by man for centuries. ( there is a small fee to go into the museum of 4 euros )

Trip 2 : 

Woods and river Sarre of the circuit de Guelhouit.


This is a half day trip and starts at about 1.00 pm from Talroch. We will walk through the woods finding butterflies and moths, dragonflies and damselflies, listening and spotting various bird species. We will do some pond dipping and will identify species of insects etc. with the aid of a field guide. We will discover the importance of such a woodland for biodiversity and rich habitats. After several hours in the woods we will then catch butterflies and grasshoppers and other varieties of insect with nets and pooters and using a field guide attempt to identify the different animals we catch.

Finishing the day at about 6.00 pm.

Trip 3 :

Etangs and moorlands and Quenecan Forest

Discover the Etang des Salles and the rich variety of flora & fauna at this magical place in the midst of the Forest de Quénécan. Here it may be possible to see Great Egret, Little Egret, Marsh Harriers, Kingfishers, Crested Grebe and many other interesting species of birds. We will walk through the beautiful woodland landscapes dappled light shining through the predominately beech forest and on to find a site with a view and enjoy the sounds of birdsong whilst we devour our picnic.

Then we will drive up to the Gorge de Doualas and walk up to the Lande de Luscuit where we will find a completely open habitat and different species of flora and fauna and take in the view of the gorge and surrounding forest.

Trip 4 : 

Bird watching trip to the eastern coast of the Golfe du Morbihan

We would hope to discover around 40 species of birds on this trip and see some lovely coastal habitat. Starting at St.Armel and walking around the salt pans, a working saline which attracts many species of waders and passerines. We will then make our way to the Marais de Duer and watch over salt lagoons from 2 hides situated on the coastal path. After finding a suitable place for our picnic we will drive down to the Chateau de Suscinio and its lovely sand dunes and pebble beach, as well as salt lakes and extensive marshlands which attract many interesting birds including, Black-winged Stilts, Spoonbills and Bluethroats, Cettis Warbler, Zitting Cisticola and an occasional Marsh Harrier.​

Trip 5 :

Monts d'Arree and Venec peat bogs

Monts d’Arree for the fantastic view over moorland and habitat for many species of birds, then on to Brennelis the home of the only beaver colonies in Brittany, they live in the Venec Peat Bogs which are protected and are of a high conservation value. We will look for signs of beavers and see the fauna and flora of this important site.

In the afternoon, visit to the magical forests and gorges of Huelgoat, find the giant boulders and the river Argent and discover the silver mine deep in the forest.

Trip 6: 

Natural Reserves de Lan Bern and Mogoar 

These are 2 reserves which have a fantastic diversity and a mosaic of habitat together they form an area of 108 hectares and consists of woodland peat bogs marsh and wet prairies. Several species that can be found are rare, including the butterflies Marsh Fritillary, Alcon Blue and Large Chequered Skippers. Reptiles and Amphibians including Adder, Grass Snakes, Pool Frogs and great Crested Newts and even the Alpine Newt. Mammals present include Roe Deer, Foxes, Pine Marten, Otter and Water Vole. Numerous bird species can be found including Hobby, Buzzards, Kestrels, Nightjars and many of the warblers including Dartford, Grasshopper and Blackcap.

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